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Why Keep Your Air Ducts Clean? 

Dust, debris, and other toxins begin to form an inner lining in the air ducts over time. These toxins are then circulated and re-circulated in your home, dampening the efficiency of your HVAC system. 

Here are a few of the many benefits of cleaning and maintaining your air ducts

1. It Reduces Dirt and Debris 

The collection of dust, dirt, and debris in your duct system is inevitable. It doesn’t mean you’re doing something wrong – it is simply an unavoidable repercussion of nature encountering a man-made structure. As this dust and dirt blow in through the HVAC system, it increases your housework by causing you to clean away the dust again and again. Additionally, the lining of debris formed in your dusty vents can draw in rodents and other unwanted pests and insects. Getting your air ducts cleaned from time to time can help reduce these problems. 

  1. Reduces Toxins 

Toxins, such as bacteria, mold, and mildew, require minimum help to grow. However, turning up the humidity levels can considerably accelerate the growth cycle of these harmful toxins. In some cases, air ducts can suffer a severe mold and mildew infestation that can only be counteracted by replacing the system. Fortunately, regular cleaning and maintenance are all you need to keep toxin growth at bay and avoid costly replacements. 

  1. Reduces Allergy and Asthma Symptoms 

Another one of the benefits of cleaning is that some of your family members may be extra sensitive to allergies, while some may struggle with asthma or other breathing problems. The dander and fur your house pets shed can contribute to these problems. In the same way, air ducts are loaded with allergens, including dust, debris, dander, and pollen, all of which can further worsen a person’s allergies and breathing problems. Regular duct cleaning can help reduce doctor bills and personal discomfort. 

  1. Prolongs the Life of the HVAC System 

The duller and dustier your duct system is, the tougher your HVAC unit will have to work to pump air through the ducts to keep it circulating efficiently in all the rooms. At times, the toxins and debris lining up in your ducts can wreak so much havoc on your HVAC unit that it has to be replaced. Instead of spending so much money on getting a new system, it is better to reduce the wear and tear of your HVAC through regular preventative maintenance. 

  1. Save on Power Bills 

Since the presence of dust and debris in your air ducts causes your Hvac System to work harder, it is natural that the unit will draw more power to keep up its performance. This cycle can push up your monthly energy bills and utility costs. If you notice an increase in your energy usage and monthly power bill, your dirty air ducts may be the reason. 

Wrapping Up 

Only a thorough professional cleaning can help prevent the spread of contaminants throughout your duct system. Getting your air ducts cleaned when you’ve recently shifted your home or have replaced your HVAC system is a pretty good option. Otherwise, make sure to have your air ducts cleaned and maintained at least twice a year. 

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