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Ductwork is hidden below the ceilings and walls if you use forced-air heating and cooling to keep your home pleasant. As you might expect, ductwork becomes dirty over time as dust, debris, and pet hair are carried into the HVAC system by air circulation. This is why you need to have your air ducts cleaning service. While one of the main reasons to clean your ducts is to enhance indoor air quality and reduce allergies, you might be surprised to hear that it can also save you money. We provide a variety of residential air duct cleaning services at Duct-Pro. We are glad to clean not only the air ducts in your home but also the dryer duct. Here’s how air duct cleaning services can help us. 

Increasing Air Circulation 

Clean ducts allow the system to move air silently and efficiently to each supply register, allowing you to be comfortable all year without increasing your energy expenditures. 

Reduce HVAC Equipment Wear and Tear 

Dirt and debris build-up in the ductwork might force your HVAC equipment to work harder than it needs to. This not only raises your monthly expenditures but also puts more strain on the system, causing it to break down sooner.  

Replace your air filter less frequently 

As dirt, dust, and fibers enter the HVAC system, the filter’s purpose is to catch them. The main purpose of this is to keep debris from causing damage to the heating and cooling systems.  

Locate Air Leaks 

The duct cleaning professional can check for air leaks and visually evaluate the system for badly installed duct sealant, which allows air to escape and waste energy. Years of use can cause holes, rips, and tears in flexible ductwork walls, as well as the formation of mold. 

Our services are available in Henderson, NV, Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, Paradise, NV, Spring Valley, NV, and the Summerlin areas.