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It is no doubt that most people suffer from two common health issues, including asthma and allergies. It becomes quite annoying and in certain cases debilitating when you are unable to find the cure for these health enemies. Other than medication and ointments, there’s one viable remedy to avoid your allergies from triggering, and that is the cleaning of air ducts! Yes, you heard it right! 

You might be thinking about how we should go about air duct cleaning? If yes, keep reading to learn what things you should and should not do when cleaning air ducts!

Do’s of Air Duct Cleaning

Do Know the Signs For Cleaning the Duct

If you are suffering from any kind of sinus infections, runny nose, repeated headaches or burning sensation in your eyes. It may be due to poor Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). The condition of your air duct has a massive impact on your health and your home’s cleanliness. If you notice the dust again the day after cleaning your home, you will need to clean your air ducts. 

Do Test Air Quality

When you prepare your home for duct cleaning, make sure to set a benchmark before measurement. Use a home test kit or get a professional’s assessment to test the air quality in your home. 

Do Examine Mold Presence

Hire an experienced professional to examine the mold presence because sometimes mold hides in the ductwork. Still, it’s hard to detect mold as it appears in the form of a prominent spot on the duct’s surfaces. Expert professionals use the new tools and techniques for finding mold intelligently. 

Do Prevention Before Cleaning

If your ducts are cleaned by professionals thoroughly, there will still be possible pollutant sources that need to be treated. So, you will need to take care of the debris, dirt, dust, and water entering your ducts. Consider replacing filters regularly and protect the system by closing it. 

Don’ts of Air Duct Cleaning

Don’t Try to Clean Ducts Yourself

It’s better to leave the work of air duct cleaning for the professional if you don’t have expertise in the HVAC field. HVAC professionals have all the equipment and required expertise, and they know how to identify and solve the problems to eliminate contaminants from the system effectively. 

Don’t Use Sprays 

Don’t use sprays for cleaning the air ducts, as the spray you use might contain harsh chemicals that are hazardous to your health when put into the home’s ventilation system. Using a spray is just another way to worsen the air ducts and welcome more pollutants into your home. 

Don’t Wait to Clean Air Ducts

Air dust cleaning might not seem like an essential detail in our daily life, but long-lasting exposure to dangerous mold or pollutants can severely impact our health. According to the EPA, having poor IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) is the reason behind serious health diseases that are environmentally related. 

Don’t Let False Service Providers Fool You

Always look for qualified and competent cleaning service providers because they can perform complex work with ultimate safety. Moreover, everyone wants to get their work done at the best prices, so it is necessary to investigate the credibility of the service providers even if they offer low cost. 

Prioritize the above dos and don’ts of air cleaning to keep your health in the best condition!