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Do you remember the last time you got your air ducts cleaned? It has been a while, right? It’s about time you get your primary ventilation supply cleaned because the air it gives out is what you breathe every second. 


Air ducts are responsible for circulating air around the house. They should be cleaned annually to lessen the effects of uneven moisture and humidity levels alongside dirty filters that encourage mold growth. Regardless, it would be best if you didn’t wait till the mold grows to replace the filters; however, here are some signs that indicate that a filter change is necessary.


1- Dust 


If your place is always dusty, and by always, I mean even after you clean it several times, you see dust particles covering your phones or home appliances; you need to change your filters. Additionally, in order to increase the quality of air to a great extent and for an extended period, you can add an air purifier to your system. This cleaner will prevent the intrusion of harmful airborne particles like tobacco smoke, dust and bacteria to enter your air duct system.


2- Visible molds


Speaking of unsanitary indications, molds are on a whole new level of filth that spreads as quickly as a wink and can be hellish for individuals who have allergies.


Due to the process of condensation, molds are formed easily, and it’s hard to detect their effects on the air as they cannot be visually seen. Still, you may spot them on the filters and inside the duct if you get a chance to dig in; however, if you can see a mold, it’s high time you change up your filters because it will affect your health. 


3- Home to a fleet of insects


There is no doubt that insects and rodents like rats enter your ducts if it’s left untouched for a while. The animals themselves hold alot of unhygienic features and can contaminate your air, water and whatnot. It’s not that hard to detect the presence of insects and rodents; you can make out the problem by just spotting their nests and droppings.

This can prove to be a bigger problem than you think because rats can easily disrupt your home structure and furniture by chewing it up. You will also notice a weird smell that directs you to the idea that there is an infestation.  


4- Recent renovation

When your house is renovated, it is a given that there will be excess dust in the whole place because construction can be messy. Not only does remodeling contain harmful air particles that you shouldn’t breathe, but it can also be home to spiderwebs because the place has not been used for the time it was reconstructed. 


All these factors indicate that air includes some injurious bacteria that can damage our bodies. So before you decide to delay your plan to change filters, think about all the effects it has on you and your loved ones. This air can seriously exuberate someone’s allergies, so if you dont want to do it yourself, dont fret! Get a professional to help you out. Staying safe should be your number one priority.