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Undoubtedly, air ducts are among those machines that ensure our comfort. Whether it is a freezing day or blistering night, clean ducts always play an essential role in the proper functioning of your HVAC system. Ducts prevent the flow of allergens through the air you inhale and keep your comfort at a high level. 


If you plan to get your air ducts cleaned, keep reading! In this post, you will learn about the mistakes that you need to avoid while cleaning your air duct!


  • Not Cleaning the System 

There is always a time when your air duct vents are cleaned or replaced. However, many people ignore and neglect the importance of air cleaning and fail to maintain their HVAC system. Due to this, they face some issues in specific health problems. 


It is essential to care about preserving your air duct because this is how they ensure their functionality and help you save a ton of money. You can correct mistakes before it worsens by educating yourself on choosing the exemplary hiring service and equipment and adding the periodic cleaning of the air duct in your weekly or monthly schedule.  

  • Picking the Wrong Company

Whenever people see any company ranking high on a list, they naturally conclude, thinking them the best even if they have been in the industry for years. Ranking on a high list does not necessarily mean that they will do the best job! Keep in mind that as companies grow old most of the time, it also loses their quality.


If you want to keep yourself saved from committing any blunder, then do a lot of research about the company before hiring their service. 

  • Not Using Right Tools 

Always ensure to use the right tools to get your work done efficiently and adequately. Not using the right tool can result in the wastage of your time and money. 


Some of the right equipment for the cleaning process include a crevice tool, vacuum cleaner, and upholstery brush and extension poles. 


If you are not sure what tools to use for cleaning the air duct, then contact a professional service for helping to clean the air. 

  • Cleaning Air Ducts Annually Only

Many people have a common misconception that air duct cleaning should be conducted once a year. Excessive cleaning can also damage your HVAC system; therefore, it should be cleaned at that time when you notice any excessive contamination. Once the duct cleaning exercise is performed correctly, you will not need to clean it for the next three, five or seven years before taking up the task for cleaning again. 

  • Not Examining the Filters

Not checking the filters of air ducts frequently can lead to pretty nasty consequences. When you inhale the dust and other contaminants, you can have respiratory diseases such as bronchitis, asthma and even cancer! Therefore, it is vital to get your ducts maintained and cleaned by a professional company.


A lack of knowledge and false belief can decrease the lifespan of your HVAC system. Avoid the above mistakes and let your air duct perform its work smoothly!