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Cleaning is necessary because dust and dirtiness can spoil your winter holidays significantly. You may end up getting congestion or other winter diseases easily. That’s why cleaning your home in winter is quite important. Cleaning reminds us of duct cleaning. Have you cleaned it yet? If not, you might be welcoming allergies, microbial growth, or you may also increase your electricity bills. 

If you haven’t thought about cleaning your air duct yet, we will be giving you few-enough reasons to clean your air duct this winter and ensure good air quality. 

But first, know this!

How Do Your Air Ducts Get Dirty?

There are many airborne pollutants and impurities flying through your home daily. These pollutants include dust mites, molds, grimes, pollen, and dirt particles, all negatively impacting your air duct system. 

Suppose you are living in a new home and it’s built to be energy-efficient. This may be great for energy consumption but poor for your home circulation. Moreover, air-tight spaces don’t allow your home to remove the impurities; instead, they just roam throughout your home vaguely. That’s how air ducts get dirty, and air duct cleaning is all you need to improve air efficiency! 

Now let’s see why you should think about air duct cleaning! 

  • Reduction in Winter Allergies

One might not believe that there is anything like winter allergies. But, there is!

Just like many people in the summer or spring get allergies from the dust mites, winter allergies are mostly caused by mold and pet hair. Since we are at the beginning of the winters, we are more exposed to allergies. That’s why cleaning your air ducts in the winter is the ideal way to eliminate these allergies from the air and take a breath in the clean and fresh air.

  • Provide Fresh Air to Breathe

As described previously, people are more likely to get the flu, cold and catch various other diseases during the winters. When you have your air ducts cleaned before the season starts, you can decrease the other illness chances and symptoms that are coming from breathing the dirty air. Moreover, most people suffer from congestion and sore throats if they are continuously breathing the polluted air. Simply get your ducts cleaned and avoid all these issues! 

  • Reduction in Energy Bill 

When your ducts and furnace are dirty, your Heating, Ventilating, and Air conditioning (HVAC) system work harder to keep your home clean and comfortable. This increases energy consumption leading to high electricity bills. When you have already cleaned your duct, it’ll ensure your unit isn’t getting overloaded. Air duct cleaning is especially vital during winters when you are running your units more through other items like geysers and heaters.    

  • You Can Avoid Injurious Gas

Another common safety issue that can arise is if your air duct gets extremely clogged with the lint and debris, dangerous gasses could get trapped. When these gasses can’t escape through the hole leading to your home, it is fairly possible you and your family could inhale them. 

If you want to safeguard your family from inevitable diseases and don’t want to spend extra money on your bills, then consider cleaning your air duct this winter!

We wish you a happy and safe winter holiday!