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Good health is a blessing. When it comes to your family’s health, you will never want to compromise and provide them with good health benefits. But have you ever wondered that you and your family still get serious health issues despite taking care of little things? What is the reason behind it? It is the poor air quality in your home! 

In this post, you will discover some signs of clogged air ducts, so the next time you and your family begin to experience severe symptoms of allergy or illness, you will already know it is a time to blame poor, dirty ducts, and they need to be cleaned as soon as possible!



  • Family Health Problems 

Tenants start experiencing common health issues when dirty ducts take over their households. Some of the health issues related to dirty ducts include severe allergy, stress, respiratory infections, asthma, lethargy, sinus infections, itchy skin and lowered immunity. 

You are more likely to develop one of the conditions if you spend more time exposing yourself to airborne contaminants and toxins. The presence of mold also makes these conditions and symptoms worsen, so better to get your air ducts cleaned!

  • Unusual Noise in the Air Duct

If you have been living in your home for years, you are more likely familiar with the operation sound of your HVAC system. Sometimes it can be difficult to determine that your air duct shouldn’t make a lot of noises. If you hear any excessive noises similar to general motor sounds, then it means your duct is experiencing some problems. 

  • High Energy Bills 

If you are getting high energy bills, it could be because of the clogged air duct. When an air duct gets dirty and full of debris, other fault components appear. The heating or cooling dryer vent reaches the desired temperature, which results in absurdly high electricity bills and temperature control management. 

  • Excessive Mold Growth 

During the regular cleaning of your air duct, when you remove a vent plate and see mold spores growing inside of your ducts, then the time has come to call a professional service for air duct cleaning. You can reduce mold growth by keeping your home at moderate temperature and avoiding excess moisture and humidity. 

  • Home Becomes Dirty Quickly

If you are tired of cleaning your home daily and still find dust and dirt in your home even after cleaning, then it is a severe problem that you need to pay attention to. Regular cleaning indicates a significant amount of dust being brought to the home surfaces from your HVAC system. 

  • Your Never Replaced the Air Filter

You may face more significant air duct problems if you haven’t changed your air filter in your home. It is crucial to change the air filter to maintain excellent functions of your internal duct conditions. Remember to change your air filter at least once a month. 


Early signs of clogged air ducts can help you prevent major health problems!