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Considering the fact that an average family produces about forty pounds of dust, excluding factors like pet hair and mold, etcetera, cleaning air ducts should be a priority because we literally depend on the air it gives out. 

For all you know, there can be a horde of bugs and insects that have made your source of ventilation their homes. Think about how that contaminated air is flowing around your house and lying on every single thing you touch. And frankly, don’t even get me started on how badly this can affect people who suffer from allergies.

With spring season right around the corner, you can imagine all the dust and debris circulating around your ducts and fine particles of dirt and allergens sitting peacefully on the stuff you use every day. Dont like how that sounds, right? I think It’s about time that you clean your vents, but if you don’t know where to start, don’t fret because that’s exactly what we are here for! 

Tools You Will Need for Air Duct Cleaning

Air ducts cleaning is not essentially easy but again, what is? All you need is a bunch of tools listed below, and you can easily pull through the task.

Gloves, Mask and Goggles

To prevent dirt and dust particles from entering your body. Better safe than sorry.


Get something that takes after a toilet brush. Ideally, this would be more effective. However, a rigid paintbrush would also get the job done if you do not have it. 


Essentially, a vacuum is needed to pull the dust. Therefore it is an essential tool you need. One with a nozzle and a large hose will work best.


It will come in handy while removing the vent grills and screwing them back towards the end.

New Air Filter

Replacing your filter in the end with a new one would be an excellent option to enhance results.



Once you are all equipped, you’re ready to move on to the fun part. 

Cover Your Furniture

While cleaning, it is generally good to cover furniture close to the critical area. In this case, cover up your sofas and tables with a cloth so that they dont get dusty.

Turn Off Power

Cut off the central air conditioning supply temporarily to make cleaning easier. It will also reduce the risks of electrocution and mishaps.

Remove Air Duct Covers

Next, you will remove the duct grills with the help of your screwdrivers.

Insert Your Brush

Once you locate the area where there is dust and webs, position your brush to get out all the dirt. This process will also clean your sidewalls.


The next step is pretty simple but crucial. You want to make sure you get all the loose dirt and dust particles that were forced out by the brush. For this reason, only a vacuum with high power and a longer hose would work because a lot of molds and dirt is stuck deep into the surface.

Install New Air Filter

Once you are done vacuuming, you will change the air filters. Essentially, air filters should be changed every thirty days depending on the quality to prevent contamination. However, you could easily make out when your filters are dirty if you have allergies.


Perform the same procedure stated above with other ducts. To increase air efficiency, you’ll have to maintain cleanliness by regularly vacuuming your place, decreasing the chances of contamination interfering with the quality of air. Moreover, checking other parts of the ducts can be helpful as well. You can get professional help for cleaning out your drain pans and cooling coils, or you can even do it yourself but remember to do it right.

Overall, cleaning your air ducts is not a complex task; it is relatively quick and can improve your quality of life. Therefore, dont slack when a quick clean is needed because it will only benefit you and your loved ones.