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Holidays are the time to have friends and family over your place so you can enjoy and have fun which is much needed after grinding all year. Not only, you want to offer great food, comfort to your family and friends, but also to make sure that your indoor air quality is in good condition so your guests can have quality time.

So how are you going to prepare your home for your holiday guests? You might be all set to clean your bathroom, carpets, and other surfaces; however, to create the perfect indoor environment for holiday celebrations, you need to have a neat air duct.

Here is how you can do it by yourself:

How to Clean the Air Ducts?

  • Open the vent’s cover to see if there is any dirt or dust inside.
  • Check the return registers for the dust buildup.
  • Eliminate the air filter, examine it and see if your filter is covered in dust. If yes, change it!
  • Time to check the Furnace. Open the chambers, motor, blower fan and furnace controls to check the dust.
  • Review the air conditioning coil, and if you found dust on it, your air filter may not be working.
  • Remove the covers of your air duct and use a brush to clear the scrapes. You can use the vacuum to empty out the air ducts.
  • Lastly, if you have ceiling vents on your ceiling, use a broom or vacuum to wipe off the dust.

Benefits of Air Ducts and Vent Cleaning 

Here are the benefits that you are not taking advantage of if you are not cleaning the air ducts:

  • Removes Smell From Your Home

One of the prime benefits of cleaning your vents and ducts is you can remove unwanted smells. Even after cleaning your carpets, you have a cigarette or dog smell lingering. This is because the smell is still in the ducts, and it spreads out when you turn on your heater and conditioner. Cleaning the vents and ducts can give you fresh and healthy air indoors.

  • Enhances Heater Efficiency

You need to keep your home a little warmer when you have guests, or maybe you need to use the heater more because you were at work all day long. No matter what your case is, this routine might increase your energy bill if your ducts are not cleaned properly and you are using the heater more. A cleaned air duct and vent can help you distribute the heat by removing the debris and dust while saving energy. 

  • Boosts Your Immunity in Winters

Winters lowers the immunity as our bodies do more work in fighting against the illness. With vent and air duct cleaning, you can keep the impurities away from infuriating symptoms and leaving you exposed to infections and viruses. 

  • Decreases the Dust

Finally, if your ducts are cleaned before the guest arrives for the holidays, it will help decrease the dust amount in your home. If any guest has asthma or allergies, they will thank you as dust particles can trigger the symptoms.

All in all, air duct cleaning helps you fully prepare to welcome your guests and make them stay safe and healthy over your place.