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Air ducts followed the invention of electricity which allowed the powering of heating and air conditioning. It follows that air duct cleaning methods developed around the same time, in the 1900s. The cleaning techniques and technology evolved and what once worked as a do-it-yourself undertaking now requires a professional.

What Happens When HVAC Gets Cleaned?

The heat, air, and ventilation (HVAC) of commercial and residential structures should circulate fresh air, but when the ducts become packed with dust, particulates, debris, and hair of animals or people. This debris and contaminants can create breathing problems for those with respiratory conditions and cause allergy problems for healthy people.

Since you could damage your ducts if you try to clean them yourself, the best method of improving your home’s air quality remains hiring a professional. These individuals will bring a power vacuum also referred to as an air sweep. Rather than the portable unit with which you vacuum your home, these vacuums receive power from the truck the HVAC service providers drive.

Another common cleaning method, point of contact, uses less air pressure and provides a safer way to clean air ducts and vents. It uses a vacuum, but not the same type as the power vac. This method also uses a spinning brush to clean crevices in the air ducts.

Mechanical agitation removal proves the most common method of cleaning HVAC ducts. The cleaning team loosens debris and dirt using mechanical brushes, then extracts the debris using a lower-powered vacuum.

Choosing the Cleaning Method

You should not choose your cleaning method arbitrarily. Call a nearby duct cleaning service such as Duct Pro, to set up an on-site consultation. The HVAC team will visit your home or business to examine the ductwork and air filters. This saves you from paying for services you do not need since your problem could be caused by air filters that require replacement.

If your home or business does require ductwork cleaning, the service professional will recommend the appropriate cleaning method for it. You may have purchased a building that requires renovation and may not have had duct cleaning in some time. In these cases, you may need multiple methods to clean the dirty ducts appropriately. The other advantage to consultation before cleaning is that it ensures that you will not damage your ductwork during the cleaning process. You cannot guess which type of cleaning your HVAC ducts need. Call for a professional consultation.