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Improve Indoor Air Quality and Breathe Easier Today

Air ducts are notorious for trapping contaminants like dust, dirt, pollen, dander, and mold. When you turn on your AC and heater, these pollutants blow throughout your home. They can make your employees or loved ones ill and reduce the effectiveness of your HVAC system.

Don’t wait any longer to take care of your dirty ducts. Improve your indoor air quality today by contacting Duct-Pro for air duct cleaning in Paradise, NV.

When to Schedule Air Duct Cleaning Service in Paradise

Has it been at least three years since you got your ducts cleaned? It’s time to give us a call for service. If your property has recently undergone renovation, get in touch as soon as possible. Remodeling projects kick up a lot of dirt and dust that get stuck in your ducts.

You may need cleanings every two years if your property is home to pets, smokers, or people with asthma or allergies. Make an appointment soon if:

• Dust is visible on vent covers
• Your air conditioning has low airflow
• You don’t change your air filters (or don’t change them often)

You might forget about your air ducts since it is mostly hidden. Fortunately, our techs are among the best in the business, and we are committed to customer satisfaction.

Air Duct Cleaning in Paradise, NV home

Why Air Duct Cleaning Is Important

Your HVAC system needs regular maintenance to function well. These systems are critical for air quality in your home or business. If you skip air duct cleaning, you risk dust buildup that could make you and your loved ones sick.

Our technicians have extensive experience and training in vent cleaning and antibacterial fogging. Get in touch with Duct-Pro today for air duct cleaning services. Our technicians inspect your system and check that the venting is working as it should. We use commercial-grade equipment to clean your ducts, which also gets rid of odors.

Commercial Air Duct Cleaning in Paradise, Nevada

Duct-Pro offers both residential and commercial air duct cleaning in Paradise, NV. We help businesses of all sizes keep their employees, clients, customers, and guests healthy.

When you keep your business or office’s ducts clean, you get:

• Productive workers at your business
• More money for your business and fewer expenses
• No mysterious odors
• An efficiently running HVAC system

We’ve been cleaning ducts for about 20 years and can tackle even the dustiest systems. Our solutions are proven to reduce the bacteria and allergens in your building’s ducts and eliminate odors.

Many visitors to Las Vegas have not heard of Paradise, but much of what is in “Las Vegas” is actually in the unincorporated township of Paradise. The area’s lakes, outdoor recreational opportunities, entertainment, and jobs are part of its appeal. Paradise lives up to its name in more ways than one.

Don’t let dirty air ducts and bad indoor air quality affect your health. Contact Duct-Pro today for professional air duct cleaning in Paradise, NV.

About this Process

Our air duct cleaning services include but not limited to:

  • Vent Cleaning
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Return Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Anti-bacterial Fogging
  • Odor Elimination

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How often should I clean my air ducts?

According to EPA (U.S Environmental Protection Agency), air ducts should be cleaned when they are clogged, which usually takes 3 to 5 years to build up. The best thing you can do is get a professional to inspect your air ducts.

How do I know if my air ducts need to be cleaned?

Since the ducts are not visible unless you actually access them, it is somewhat difficult to asses the situation by yourself. But here are a few signs you need to call your duct pro:

1. If you haven't change your air filters as required.
2. If the vent covers have visible dust marks.
3. If your AC unit has been working for a long time and the room doesn't seem to get colder.
4. If the airflow coming out from the vent is low.

Should I just buy a new system and end with it?

Sometimes buying a new unit is the right choice for you. If you haven't change your unit for many years, new technologies can probably improve performence. However, sometimes it would be cheaper and more efficient to get someone to inspect your ducts and vents and clean them for same results and lower costs.

How often should I clean my dryer vent?

Dryer vents cleaning is a very important task that can prevent real damage and life threats. When your vent is not cleaned properly, it can cause overheating and eventually fire. This is why experts recommend cleaning your vents at least every year before the warmer seasons.