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Keeping your air ducts cleans is an excellent way to improve indoor air quality and help your children maintain good health. Here are some of the benefits of clean air ducts. 

Clean Air DUCTS – Reduced Occurrence of Allergies 

Dust, dander, and pollen are the biggest culprits when it comes to allergic conditions. Debris and mold can gather inside your ducts and when the air passes through the ductwork, they get redistributed around the entire house. 

Children and the elderly are particularly vulnerable when it comes to allergens like mold spores and other pathogens. Some common symptoms that can result from them are sneezing, runny nose, wheezing, shortness of breath, and even severe respiratory issues. 

By making sure to keep your air ducts clean, you can eliminate many of the symptoms and reduce the risk of allergies in your children. This way, your children can stay healthy all year round. 

Lower Asthma and Respiratory Disorders 

Many respiratory diseases like asthma can easily be easily worsened by contaminants like pollen, dust, and dirt. When the dust is taken into the lungs, it releases reactive oxygen and nitrogen species which can make your asthma worse. In addition, dust can also make your children’s lungs more prone to various respiratory diseases. 

Cleaning your air ducts can get rid of these pollutants and help reduce the risk of asthma attacks in your children. Make sure you hire professionals to deep clean your ductwork so that your children can breathe safely. 

Decreased Sensitivity to Dander 

If you have pets in your home, their dander can create a hazardous environment for your children. It is the job of your HVAC system to clean away pet dander from your home. However, if your air duct gets blocked, they will scatter the dander in your entire home. A high concentration of dander in your home can increase sensitivity in children and can make them prone to allergies. 

By removing the buildup of dander and dust in the ductwork, you can reduce the percentage of airborne dander and decrease the sensitivity factor. 

Better Breathing 

Dust is just not good for your lungs, especially the developing lungs in small children. Something as simple as getting your air ducts cleaned can make a noticeable difference in your child’s breathing and improve their heart health. 

It is every child’s right to be as comfortable, healthy, and safe in the comforts of their own home. Good indoor air quality is essential for your child’s physical health and mental wellbeing. Making sure that you remove dust and pollutants from your home on a daily basis can ensure your children’s continued health and will make them stronger in the long run. 

As a homeowner, we know that you do everything to keep your house free of pollutants. That means keeping your air filters clean regularly. However, many homeowners forget to clean another system in their home: the air duct. 
Cleaning out your ductwork is not an expensive job and it is totally worth it for your child’s health.