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As the winter approaches, we all become couch potatoes or snug in a rug in our homes; though it might feel cozy, it can badly affect the indoor air quality that ultimately affects our health. In winters, the air quality deteriorates due to reduced ventilation, dry air, and supplemental heating sources. Since people spend most of their time inside their homes, it is important to improve air quality to ensure a healthy indoor environment. 

No matter if the temperature goes below the freezing point, you can still have healthy and clean air indoors. Keep reading to learn some ways to improve the quality of air indoors! 

  • Get Your Ductwork Cleaned

Getting your air duct cleaned and examined is essential because HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) systems cause leakage in your duct system, including unconditional air leaking that affects the air quality. By cleaning air ducts, you can remove any dust and debris particles and prevent them from entering your airflow, ultimately improving air quality. 

  • Get your Furnace Cleaned and Checked

The home furnace is an important component in the HVAC system. When you get your furnace cleaned and checked, it filters all the dust and debris and prevents them from making their way into your lungs. In addition, if you want things to work more efficiently in the long run, then check the furnace regularly. 

  • Install an Air Purifier

Many particles are not visible to the human eye causing harm to our health. HVAC systems can only filter those particles of different types and sizes, but cannot purify them. For this, you will need an air purifier to eliminate all pollutants and dust particles from your home’s airflow. Air purifiers also keep you away from allergies. 

  •  Open your Windows Daily for a Short Time

You can only get fresh air from outdoors during winters rather than your home’s ventilation. We keep our home locked to keep the indoor environment warm and cozy. An easy solution for this is to open your windows every day for a few minutes. By doing this, you can welcome needed fresh air to your home; moreover, it will also help diffuse the smoky air. 

  • Keep Your Home Dust-Free

Clean your home daily to remove dust and dirt. Carpets, floors and dusty areas require much more attention for cleaning. You can also use a high-efficiency particulate filter vacuum to filter down the air pollution from your home and improve indoor air quality. 

  • Use Natural Cleaning Products

During winters, chemicals from cleaning and personal care products remain in the air for a long time, without the flow of fresh air. This concentration can damage your body in the long run. Consider using healthier and natural cleaning alternatives to keep the air clean inside homes. 

Winters are coming, and make yourself ready for improving the air efficiency of your home with the help of using the tips mentioned above.