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We are all very well aware of air pollution out on the streets when it is bumper-to-bumper on the road. Environmental pollution gives rise to a number of health conditions and is a cause for concern. While relevant authorities are dealing with outside pollution, what about our indoors?
If truth be told, air pollution inside one’s home is as bad as it is outside. We spend more than 87% of our lives indoors, going out for only the most necessary activities. Should we not, then, take the time to fix indoor air quality? In this blog, we will present you with ways to improve indoor air quality for yourself and your loved ones.
Changing Your AC Filter
This is perhaps the most overlooked hack when it comes to indoor air quality management. While your air-conditioner is always clearing out harmful substances and making the air breathable, a thing or two are skipped in the filtering process. These cause trouble for your indoor air quality. While they do that, they also ruin it for the AC, too. Changing your AC’s filter will go a long way to improve indoor air quality. So, be sure to change your filters every two months or clean them.
Checking Air Ducts
Air ducts are in charge of managing hot and cold air across your house, making each and every room comfortable as per the room’s needs. However, these ducts can prove to be problematic should they not be properly installed or looked after. As time goes on, dander and dust, sometimes mold, can accumulate, diminishing the air quality. What is more that they will move from one room to the other because of the ducts circulating air. You will need to call in a professional to check your air ducts so that if there are any underlying faults, they get sorted there and then.
Opt for Cooking Vents
Quite a chunk of air pollutants spread in the house from the kitchen. People using gas stoves can testify to how much harmful substances meander through their houses like carbon monoxide, nitrogen dioxide, et cetera. Electric burners are also known to be equally polluting, releasing substances that, if found in the bloodstream, can cause a number of health problems, too. With the use of cooking vents, many of these pollutants can be filtered out, keeping yourself and your loved ones free of harm.
Clean Rugs and Carpets
It is always the little things that get you, and household rugs and carpets help you with them. These decoratives not only keep your home cozy and well-maintained, but they also act like filters themselves, trapping a number of dust particles and pollutants in their many fibers. But be sure to keep your rugs and carpets clean so that they are ready to trap more pollutants by the next. Unclean rugs and carpets can cause the air to become unclean, too, when drafts made from ceiling fans and room coolers extract the trapped dirt and pollutants from them.