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Have you ever been in a retail store in Henderson, Spring Valley, Las Vegas, Paradise, Summerlin, North Las Vegas, or the surrounding areas and noticed a bunch of dust on the clothing that is displayed?

What about banks with some of their counters or seating spaces? The truth is that while both of these spaces should take the time to clean their customer areas unless they have a NADCA air duct cleaning, they are only blowing dust and dirt around the air which settles onto the clothes, chairs, and other surfaces.

Our team at Duct-Pro offers air duct cleaning services that will make a big difference not only in the appearance of the customer areas but also in the general indoor air quality for all visitors. Make sure that your space is fully clean and schedule your air duct cleaning service by calling us today to learn more.

Man Working on Ceiling Ducts for Retail Store Air Duct Cleaning Service in North Las Vegas

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Air Duct Cleaning Services
For Retail Storefronts

When you venture out to a retail store, whether that’s for clothes, housewares, outdoor gear, or other retail stores, you can tell if the store personnel take the time to try to keep the customer area neat and clean. Part of their daily tasks is to dust and otherwise clean things to keep everything looking good. But unless an HVAC cleaning happens regularly, this effort to keep things clean will look like things haven’t been done.

That’s because the air ducts in the retail storefronts haven’t been cleaned, and they are pushing dust, pollen, mold, and other irritants all over the store and recycling it as well. Doing a furnace cleaning along with the air ducts will ensure that the retail space doesn’t look dirty and can help the overall image of the retail store.

About this Process

Our air duct cleaning services include but not limited to:

  • Vent Cleaning
  • Duct Cleaning
  • Return Cleaning
  • Deep Cleaning
  • Anti-bacterial Fogging
  • Odor Elimination

HVAC and Furnace Cleaning
In Banks

Financial institutions are not immune from the effects of not cleaning the air ducts. Indoor air quality for bank workers can suffer if air ducts are not cleaned regularly. This can also have a negative impact on the visitors to the bank as well. With an HVAC cleaning, you are helping to not only have good indoor air quality, but you are extending the life of your HVAC system by not having to work as hard to move air around, which also means better efficiency leading to less energy used to keep things working.

Any customer-oriented retail store, bank, or other business needs to keep their spaces looking clean and have clean indoor air quality. Follow the lead of hundreds of businesses in Henderson, Spring Valley, Las Vegas, Paradise, Summerlin, North Las Vegas, and the surrounding areas that have opted for NADCA air duct cleaning. Call Duct-Pro today to learn more and schedule our team.

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How often should I clean my air ducts?

According to EPA (U.S Environmental Protection Agency), air ducts should be cleaned when they are clogged, which usually takes 3 to 5 years to build up. The best thing you can do is get a professional to inspect your air ducts.

How do I know if my air ducts need to be cleaned?

Since the ducts are not visible unless you actually access them, it is somewhat difficult to asses the situation by yourself. But here are a few signs you need to call your duct pro:

1. If you haven't change your air filters as required.
2. If the vent covers have visible dust marks.
3. If your AC unit has been working for a long time and the room doesn't seem to get colder.
4. If the airflow coming out from the vent is low.

Should I just buy a new system and end with it?

Sometimes buying a new unit is the right choice for you. If you haven't change your unit for many years, new technologies can probably improve performence. However, sometimes it would be cheaper and more efficient to get someone to inspect your ducts and vents and clean them for same results and lower costs.

How often should I clean my dryer vent?

Dryer vents cleaning is a very important task that can prevent real damage and life threats. When your vent is not cleaned properly, it can cause overheating and eventually fire. This is why experts recommend cleaning your vents at least every year before the warmer seasons.