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Is your house getting dirty and dusty more quickly, even just after cleaning? Are you facing the issue of a high utility bill each month? If so, this is a time to blame your dirty ductwork and HVAC system components. 

When it comes to improving the air quality of your home, this is when cleaning your air duct plays a vital role. If you or any of your family members are suffering from allergies or any respiratory disease, you need to pay attention to this.

In this blog, we have gathered a few steps to clean your home’s air ducts yourself. Follow the below step and remove the mold, dust, pet hair on other allergens like a pro!


Step 1. Gather all Equipment 

In the first step, you need to gather all cleaning equipment so that you don’t need to look for each tool during the cleaning process. All possible equipment includes a vacuum cleaner with a dust brush attachment, manual dry brush, cleaning cloths, warm soapy water to clean the entire air duct. Moreover, you will also need a screwdriver to open the ceiling vent and a stool to reach them. 

Step 2. Remove Vent Covers 

It is easy to remove floor registers because you can lift them, but you will require a screwdriver for the wall register. If your vent cover is covered with extreme dust, clean the surface using the vacuum’s dust attachment before removing it. Next, wash the vent cover in warm soapy water, scrub it but make sure not to damage it. 


If the vent cover is metal, you can then place them into the rack of your dishwasher to save your time and for a quick cycle. 

Step 3. Clean the Duct Thoroughly 

Insert the vent brush as far as possible into the duct. Brush the duct’s walls using a rotating brush. In crinkly Mylar flex ducts, use a light touch because they can be damaged easily. If you have open ducting in a basement, tapping it a few times before cleaning it will help dislodge dust, debris, and other material. Finally, remove the brush and sweep up the particles with your vacuum cleaner’s hose as far as possible. An extension hose might help you go deeper into your duct system if you have a shop vacuum.

Step 4. Wipe the Rest 

After vacuuming the inside of the duct, now wipe the rest with a microfiber cloth. As per your needs, keep rinsing and changing them. Before wiping off the stubborn dirt, make sure to spray the all-purpose cleaner on the damp microfiber cloth. Also, remember to clean around ducts such as the floor and wall. 

Step 5. Finish Up

Place the clean vent cover and turn on the thermostat. Run the system for 30 minutes to remove filter dust during cleaning. After 30 minutes, replace the system air filter to remove accumulated excess dust.


Not every time do you need to hire professionals for cleaning the air duct. The above mentioned steps will help clean your air duct like a pro!