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Dryer vent cleaning isn’t necessarily a chore that most homeowners take seriously. In fact, from a consumer report given out by Consumer Reports in 2021, more than 80% of all American households now own either a conventional electric dryer or an electric dryer. In particular, just like some other appliances, electric dryers have many benefits that make them a top choice for many families.

Electric dryers are relatively maintenance-free. As with other laundry appliances, regular dryer vent cleaning can help maintain your dryer’s efficiency and operational performance. Unfortunately, too many homeowners neglect routine dryer vent cleaning. Consequently, they may not be doing their share to maintain air ducts that bring clean air into the home.

Electric dryers are energy efficient. They’re able to heat up clothes faster, which in turn saves money on energy costs. In addition, regular dryer vent cleaning helps keep harmful fumes, such as carbon monoxide, from building up inside the vents. These toxins can irritate the nose and throat and even cause nausea and dizziness among children, so it’s important to keep them from polluting the air around your dryer vents.

There are several benefits of regularly cleaning your dryer vent. Electric dryers that have been properly maintained are often able to last longer than conventional models. The longer you use the dryer, the more likely it will get clogged with lint and debris. Proper cleaning often prevents this buildup, allowing you to get longer durations from your dryers.

The most significant benefit of regularly maintaining your dryer vents is safety. A clean lint trap minimizes fire hazard. When properly cleaned, lint traps trap only the lint produced by the dryer and keep it from getting into your house. Clean dryer vent means less chance of an electrical fire hazard in your home.