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Did you know the benefits of dryer vent cleaning? The air that comes out of your dryer is loaded with millions of harmful particles. As a result of this air your dryer uses has an extremely high relative humidity especially in Las Vegas. This in turn can cause condensation to build up and form spots on the interior walls of your dryer vents. The resulting water vapor is a major culprit in causing dryer fires and reducing the overall efficiency of your dryer.

Over time this dirt and debris can become a major safety issue for your home as well as your family. Dryer fires have killed many people and seriously damaged homes. In fact, as many as half of all dryer fires have been caused by clogged dryer vents. By regularly cleaning out your dryer vents you will dramatically reduce your risk of having a disastrous fire.

Another reason why regular cleaning is important is because cleaning can reduce the amount of times you have to purchase new dryer lint filters. By cleaning your vents regularly you will drastically reduce the amount of lint that escapes into the air. If lint is left in the system, it can eventually cause a fire that could easily spread to other areas of your home or to someone else’s property. Even though you may not have a fire now, believe in the long run that a fire could very well break out and spread throughout your house.

So how does a professional dryer vent cleaning benefit me? By regularly cleaning your vents you will keep everything running smoothly and efficiently. When you have a clean system, you will notice that your dryer no longer takes forever to get hot. In addition to saving money you will also have peace of mind knowing that your family is safe from lint and debris that could potentially escape from the exhaust system and catch fire.
One last reason why you should consider dryer vent cleaning is to help your air quality. Many people do not realize that dirt, debris and even pet hair can make their home feel uncomfortable. If you want to improve the air quality of your home then cleaning your vents regularly will eliminate a lot of this debris. By keeping your vents free of debris you will also improve the overall air quality in your home.

These are just three of the benefits of dryer vent cleaning that anyone who uses a dryer can benefit from. By doing something as simple as cleaning your vents out on occasion you can save money in the long run. You will save on your electric bill and be able to see how much money you are actually saving each year on your home heating bills. You will also save on the need for replacements and repairs. By doing something as simple as periodically cleaning your dryer vents you will be able to enjoy all these benefits for years to come.