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While decorating your home to perfection, it is equally important to maintain high-quality indoor air! For a home to be truly comfortable, it needs to have the best air quality that is safe for your whole family. 

Dust, pollen, insect droppings, and mold spores can affect make the healthiest person sick. The only solution to this is to clean your air ducts timely. Having dust, some unpleasant odor, or even worse, rodents up your vents are the clear signs of knowing that your air duct needs cleaning. However, there are some other not-so-obvious signs that point towards “its time for cleaning air ducts.” Therefore, we have prepared this blog post to help you know the factors other than the usual ones:

  • Your Home Becomes Dusty Very Quickly 

The dust lying in air ducts can make the whole house dirty really quickly. No one wants to clean the house, only for it to get dusty the next minute. It doesn’t mean that the dust is coming from outside; it means that your air duct has accumulated debris and dust that needs to clean.  

  • Unusual or Strange Noises in the Ductwork

You already know how your HVAC system is supposed to sound while running. But when some strange voices are coming from your air ducts, it means there are some problems. Find a technician to inspect and get your air duct cleaned. 

  • Increasing Costs of Heating or Cooling Than Usual

Electricity bills are predictable for each season of the year. When you notice that suddenly your bills have risen compared to usual, it means that the HVAC system isn’t working as it should and it is using more energy to maintain the temperatures. The most common reason for this is that the debris or dust is blocking the ductwork and it needs cleaning. 

  • No Records About Prior Air Duct Cleaning

If you don’t have any records or recollection of getting air ducts cleaned, it’s time to clean them. Even if the air duct doesn’t show any sign of dust or debris, there are chances that it still needs cleaning. 

  • Unstable Airflow in the House 

Another important sign to know is when airflow in your house becomes inconsistent. Vents are supposed to deliver the same airflow in the whole house. So if it isn’t doing that, it means that the air ducts have dust lying around. 

  • Your Home is Renovated 

We all know how messy construction work can get. Even if you cover all the places in your home to save them from getting untidy, dust and debris can manage to get anywhere. Similarly, the ductwork can suck up the dust from the construction work and need cleaning after renovations.

Wrapping Up

While making sure that your house remains up to date with all the new interior design trends, don’t forget the air ducts! Having clean air ducts will enhance the quality of your life and ensure that the sickness and allergies stay out of the reach of your family. ,